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Circle Legacy Center

The Circle Legacy Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering Native Americans. Through a variety of cultural events, community projects, and business assistance, CLC honors and supports the First Nations Peoples of the Americas regionally and nationally. They invite you to explore the rich cultural traditions of Native Americans by attending one of their classes, demonstrations or events held througout the season at Blue Rock Heritage Center.


Circle Legacy Center Events for 2022



August 13th, Saturday   10:00 -12:00      Medicine Bag    Fee:  $10.00

Learn the history of the types of medicine bags used by Native Americans and then make a personal medicine bag 

for yourself!.  All supplies are included.

Registration required.   Class minimum 5, Maximum 15

Contact MaryAnn Robins: or call (717) 435-5729


September 18th, Sunday    1:00 to 4:00    Finger Weaving Demonstration     NO Fee

Mark Warfel, (Lenape) will be demonstrating the art of "finger weaving".  Please stop in to chat with Mark and learn about this fine art. 


October 22nd, Saturday   11:00 -1:00     Create a Twined Corn  Husk Basket        Fee:  $10.00

Native corn farmers used all the parts of the corn plant, even the husks.   Join MaryAnn Robins in making a twined basket out of this versatile material.

Registration required.   Bring scissors and needle nose pliers.

Contact MaryAnn Robins: or phone:  (717) 435.5729

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