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One of only a handful of dependable sites in Pennsylvania for large numbers and a variety of shorebirds, Conejohela Flats hosts up to 17,000+/- migratory shorebirds during migration. A total of 37 shorebird species has been recorded at this site. This area is also a stopover and possibly a breeding habitat for numerous wetland species (e.g., grebes, rails) and waterfowl. Bald Eagle and Osprey use the river for feeding and the flats for resting.

Conejohela Flats is a combination of small brushy islands and adjacent mudflats on the Susquehanna River. The mudflats are produced when Safe Harbor Dam lowers the Lake Clarke area of the Susquehanna for electricity generation. The islands are covered by a mixture of shrubs, some deciduous trees, grasses and sedges, and Purple Loosestrife. When exposed in spring and fall, they provide habitat for migrating shorebirds.

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